Tuesday, April 1, 2014

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A Patriotic Blog. Focused On Positive Aspects Of Pakistani Society And Its People. Discussion About Love For Motherland Pakistan, Its Culture, History And Future. Pakistan Is Truly The Mamlikat-e-Khudadad. Strategic Importance Of Location Of Pakistan As A Muslim State And As A Leader Of Muslim Ummah. Stories Of Bravery Of Martyrs Of Pakistani Armed Forces Army, Navy And Air Force Who Sacrificed Their Lives For This Country.
ISPR Pakistan Armed Forces
ISPR Pakistan Armed Forces


  1. hello
    I was looking for a good drop down menu code for blogger and I visited a website: http://stackoverflow.com that you had talked about your problem with your codes had asked for some help. but when I visited your weblog I realized that your problem was solved (I mean your drop down menu works fine). I have the same problem.
    so I need to have your html and css code for your drop down menu if it is ok with you.
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    1. Yes Off Course .. We Will Send You Complete Code As Soon As Possible ...


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