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GEO Television Channel Exposed

Did Pak army did the genocide in East Pakistan or did Mukti Bahini and RAW slaughtered millions who supported Pakistan? Just as BLA and TTP is doing today, Mukti Bahini are the real murderers. Hear what a Hindu Bengali Indian researcher has to say about the fake stories of genocide. Also hear the traitors within Pakistan barking against Pak army in Bangladesh on behalf of RAW. This is the version you must know to respond to all allegations of genocide against Pak army. Arm yourself with knowledge and humiliate the RAW agents.

Even today, TTP and BLA is doing the slaughters and the same traitor media is accusing Pak army. Know your enemy else be ready to TTP/BLA to enter into your homes. It is only Pak army which is protecting our honor.

That US point of view is also broadcast on Geo in the Pakistani version of the VOA report–the one hosted by Mr.Najam Sethi in Punjabi, Anglo sized Punjabi, Pujabish-Urdu with occasional words in Urdu and English. Mr. Sethi’s views (though sugar coated) are sometimes to repugnant to the Pakistani mindset that Geo places an explicit explanation ahead of his program which says “the views of this author do not represent the views of Geo”, and that Geo encourages all points of view.

Geo is also beholden to Indian commercial interests. It started the “Aman ke Asha” wave which simply states, that Pakistan should forget about boundary disputes and make peace with India. Some link Mr. Investigation into Kassab to his links across the border. The PPP government while really upset by Hamid Mir, is now going through the motions of trying to cover up the ineptitude of the government, the incompetence of the ISI and the inefficiency of the Army.
After the hanging of Mr. Kassab, Mr. Mir was openlythreatened by various militants who blame him for getting Kassab hanged. One such group actually said that “there will be many more Kassabs.”

Most analysts expected an attack on Mr. Hamid Mir — in light of the publication of the confession of Ajmal Kassab, in which he accused Mr.Hamid Mir in particular and Geo TV in general. This revelation came out of an article published in the Times of India which has access to the interrogation of Kassab. Apparently the Indian interrogator asked him about his opinion in the aftermath of the report published by Geo, in which Mr. Mir and is fellow journalists visited the alleged home town of Ajmal Kassab. The Indians thought that Geo had blown the cover of Kassab. Kassab said that Himad Mir and Geo were agents of the raw.

Mr. Najam Sethi in a recent program alluded this fact that Mr. Mir and Geo sent teams to village which Geo claimed were the ancestral villages of Mr. Kassab. This has now been widely reported in the world, Indian and Pakistani media–and surely does paint a target of Mr. Mir and Geo TV.

Why did the PPP government not provide additional security to Mr. Mir? Did Rehman Malik hate Mir so much that he wanted him dead? Malik visited the residence of Hamid Mir in Islamabad and vowed to provide him effective and elaborate security. Earlier, explosive material, detonator and battery packed in a bag and affixed beneath the vehicle of Mir, was found outside his house in the federal capital. Is this a joke?

The interior minister said “that security personnel from police and FC are being provided to the journalist while a police inspector of his own choice will be also deputed for his security.” Malik also announced to constitute a fact-finding committee, including a magistrate, police officials and two journalists, which will probe the incident. Lets see if any of this is in the realm of reality.

Appendix A
(Excerpts of an expose on Geo TV) published in 2008.

STRANGE HAPPENINGS AT GEO THAT CANNOT BE EXPLAINED: Here are some facts about Geo and some example of how Geo demoralizes the population and the general body of the Pakistani diaspora.

GEO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CRASH OF THE STOCK MARKET: Geo repeatedly telecasted false news about the Pakistani economy, the political situation and hence the stock market crashed in Pakistan In a pre-orchestrated campaign. Geo focuses on the negative news and instead of focusing on solution sit shows bodies of dead people in contradiction of PEMRA and all decency requirements. Geo focuses on petrol prices but does not inform the viewers that most private cars in Pakistan now run on CNG (liqufied petroluem gas) which costs $5 for a tank full. Most people driving cars are not affected by the rise in petrol (gasoline) prices.

In a planned manner Geo suppresses and ignores good news like 5.1 billion dollar of oil refinery in Pakistan. Geo usually ignores good news like $28 Billion Emar international island development. Geo is averse to good news about Pakistan–there is no discussion of the Bullet Trains in Pakistan. Geo does not focus foreign interference in Pakistani affairs. Geo did not discuss the 89 separatist movements in India in 2007 …from Seven Northeastern sister states, to the Naxalite insurrection, to Bihar to Kashmir,to Assam etc…
Geo Dramas: 50 percent of the dramas are Indian dramas on Geo and 25 percent are with mix cast (Indian and Pakistani) and Indian film.

Geo focuses on showing beheading of people and other depressing news. Why did Geo not focus on showing 250 million people sleeping on sidewalks in India? Geo did not cover for 36 hours the killing of 3000 Muslims in Gujrat?
Urdu is not used by many hosts. Morning host shows are in English and “Urdlish” ( a horrible combination). The Younger generation is being spoiled by using them as instruments of hedonism. Some of the shows are way beyond the pale on being modern. Nudity is not modernity. Science and Technology is modernity.

Geo plays into the hands of the opposition parties. It does not discuss opportunities for development. When Mr. Shaharayar interviewed the President of Azad Kashmir he interrupted him and did not allow him to speak about the problems with the article of accession of Kashmir to India (which is-now lost) if it ever existed. Geo continues to use Indian jargon like“partition”. Partition signifies a temporary dissection of the whole. India was never whole. Even during British times there were more than 500 states in the Subcontinent. Some of them banded together to make Pakistan and others banded together make India. Discussion of Kashmir, Manvadar, Junagarh are non-existent onGeo. Most Geo maps show Kashmir as part of Pakistan. Azad Kashmir is never shown. Some Geo maps sill show the Northern Areas as part of India or part of Kashmir.

Kamran Khan was getting RS 25 lakh per month. Income vs.salary? Dr. Shahid Mahmud used to get Rs 22 laks per month. He was a member of NSF student Hamid Mir the Editor of “Ausaf” get Rs. 22 Lakh per month. Nadia Khan gets Rs 6 lacs per month. Income vs. salary?When Geo was not able to broadcast the 8-hour cricket match, Geo said they lost 1 billion Rupees, After the ban Goo kept on broadcasting for 36 hours without any income?Let us investigate the players involved with Geo from information that is publicly available.We see these links which will be analyzed.

1) The controversial David Hazinski an ex US Navy Petty Officer with contacts with the State Department and the American Jewish Committee (AJC)

2) Who is Todd Fratz and why does Geo associate with such characters?
3) Casper Weinberger, Ronald Reagan’s indicted and pardoned Secretary of Defense who predicted the “Next War” with a rogue state like Iran.Why does Geo align itself with known war mongers.
4) Geo has strategic links with SkyTV of the UK, CNN,IBN-CNN in India and the Voice of America (VOA). See article on VOA Geo alliance in Pakistan.

Geo was started with the help of an ex US Naval PettyOfficer by the name of Hazinski who has links with Mr. Casper Weinberger andmany Indian channels.

According to (“Most recently, he re-designed the central International Broadcast Center for the Voice of America in Washington and is consulting on new network launches for the VOA”. Mr. Hazinski is the principal of the company called IntelligentMC(,2870 Peachtree Road #713, Atlanta,GA 30305-2918, USA, email:, url: other principal of Intelligent MC is Mr. ToddFrantz. “Todd comes to IMC from 10 years at CNN in Atlanta”. He has links to“Cox Center for International Mass Communication Training and Research at TheUniversity of Georgia”.

David Hazinski, associate professor at the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, is the principle architect of GEO-TV and managed the station’s launch. Hazinski was contacted bythe Jang Group, Pakistan’s largest newspaper publisher and GEO-TV’s owner,after he shepherded the successful launch of a similar station in India in January 2001. Aaj Tak, the first all-news, Hindi-language channel in India, now has a 60% share of the news audience in India. As one of the owners of Intelligent Media Consultants, an Atlanta-based company that helps its clients design efficient and profitable network operations through the creative application of broadcast technology, Hazinski has worked all over the world launching news operations in markets starved for unbiased reporting. “This is really the cutting edge of technology and journalism,” says Hazinski, a former NBC news correspondent who says he and his partners have helped launch at leasta dozen news operations in the last 10 years. “These are new markets. They haven’t been exposed to lots of TV.”

Because most of Intelligent Media’s clients are unfamiliar with broadcast news techniques, Hazinski says he is able to tailor unique approaches that maximize their limited budgets. “These people are willing to try new things because they don’t want to pay the outrageous costs associated with news production in the United States,” he says. “Right now, based on what we learned in Pakistan, we’re convinced we can launch a network today for half of what it would have cost three years ago. And no one would see any quality difference on the air – even if we aired it in the U.S.”

At GEO-TV’s main broadcast center in Karachi, Hazinski builta newsroom around 24 Mac G4s running Final Cut Pro. News footage is captured with 40 Sony PD150s and 15 PD100s. NewTek Video Toaster 2 systems are used at bureaus in Islamabad and Lahore to switch between the main broadcast center. In addition to designing a systems approach for GEO-TV, Hazinski helped teach the station’s staff how to use the equipment and how to produce television news.Greg Pope, a freelance editor and producer formerly with CNN, spent one month in Karachi this summer training GEO-TV’s news staff, which primarily consists of newspaper journalists. “We basically had to convert people from print journalists to TV journalists,” says Pope, adding that he had never taught production techniques in a classroom setting to non-English speaking students.“These print people were basically issued cameras and editing equipment and within months were transformed from pen and paper to this new electronic media.Some of them didn't even know how to use a keyboard when we started.”

Considering the steep learning curve for the Pakistani journalists, Pope says he was amazed at their perseverance and enthusiasm.“These people are tired of having Western news and government news shoved down their throats,” says Pope, who estimates that he taught 100 people to shoot and edit video. “They want their own voice. They want to represent themselves in their own way.” But there is still a chance that the government will shut down GEO-TV. Pope says that while he was training the news staff, it was widely believed that there were spies for PTV within their ranks. However, in recent years the Jang Group has won many battles for freedom of the press, so there is hope that GEO-TV will succeed. “If they have minimal government interference,[GEO-TV] will change the face of Pakistan,” says Pope.

Below Are Some Documented Proofs Against GEO Channel and Hatred From People Of Pakistan For This Traitor Organization ....

GEO Television Channel Exposed

GEO Television Channel Exposed

GEO Television Channel Exposed

GEO Television Channel Exposed

GEO Television Channel Exposed

GEO Television Channel Exposed

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New DG ISI Takes Charge

ISI Or Inter Services Intelligence Is The Supreme Intelligence Agency In Pakistan, Tasked With Securing National Interests Inside And Outside Pakistan. Today A New Director General Lieutenant General Rizwan Akhtar Has Taken Charge Of The Agency. He Is The 21st Director General To Command ISI.
May Allah Give Him Courage And Power To Secure National Interests And Defend Our Pakistan Against All Enemies.

Lieutenant General Rizwan Akhtar

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Pakistani Law Enforcement Agencies Contact Numbers

As a responsible Pakistani citizen, it is our duty too, to keep Pakistan safe for us and our future generations. These are the contact numbers of control rooms established by Law Enforcement agencies in collaboration with Pakistan Army in all major cities of Pakistan. Please save these numbers in your mobile phones and report any suspicious activities in your area.

Pakistani Law Enforcement Agencies Contact Numbers

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Negative Role Of Media In Pakistan

Media ( print or electronic ) is a very necessary source of information for the Nation. Unfortunately in Pakistan. Media is so much free that they are even allowed to run propaganda campaign against active duty army officers and Intelligence officials. They even blame the killing of journalists on Pakistan Army, The most respected Institution in the world.

Below we will show you some proof of our corrupt media and anchors, actively involved in Sabotaging national Interest of Pakistan And Islam.

Our media anchors often divert the attention of the people from the real issues to non issues on behest of the people they are working for. The media is focusing more on sensationalism than truth creating a negative world view and only highlights the individual sort of issues that disrepute the society. In my opinion a large section of the Pakistani media does not serve the interest of the people, in fact some of it is positively anti-people. It often divides the people. The people, who watch these channels in foreign countries, are for sure constrained to think that Pakistan is full of ill-cultured, fraudulent and dishonest people who always involve in crimes etc. The media has totally ignored the important role it should play in this transition period we are passing through. However, I am not saying that there are no good journalists at all in the media. There are many excellent journalists too who work for the country, but they are always under multiple threats.

Media groups are owned by corporations that seek to profit, regardless of the consequences. Major part of media is absolutely non-objective, complete lies, omission of fact; neglect to report on real news and now false propaganda that could bring the incoming regime under their pressure. The pressure to produce constant unimportant news, all day, every day, on single issue tends to result in over representations of that news. For example, when there is even a minor blast, most of the news channels report almost exclusively on this topic for hours and ignore news with more significance to people’s lives. Each news station is supportive more of one side; biased media. The news covers stories that are more interesting for ratings and gives their opinions more siding with those who pay them more.

Media can play public accountability role by monitoring and investigating the actions of those who are granted public trust and who may be tempted to abuse their office for private gain. The media should work to educate the people, to help the people and to liberate the people and to empower the people. There are times when they should put their personal interests at the back of their mind and show things that could be beneficial for the country and its people and please stop this race of breaking first news just be original. Media is a source of information or communication but now it has been transformed to a source of mere making money. This should stop. Media should act as a bridge between the governing bodies and general public instead of being a tool for one class of politicians and falsely propagating against others to bring them under pressure.

It may be fiction for people but it is bitter reality that there is media war throughout the world. Most of the states fund privately owned channels to promote their message. And this is what we happened to see last year.  It was reported that 340$ million would be doled out to Pakistani media just for presenting America as a friend not foe, of which, outcome, came under the knowledge after the commencements of programs like voice of America in which culture of America has been nicely portrayed. On the other hand, programs like Big Boss and Indian dramas had also started appearing on our TV screens.

Not only this, there are plenty of Indian channels that create political and social hype. They used to present Pakistan as the most dangerous enemy of India.  And, NDTV has lagged behind many channels in this regard.

It is time to realize that Media has nothing to do with the politics. It is mirror of a society and it should present what is truth and reality. Last but not the least; Media should also realize its equal responsibility of building a nation rather than criticizing everything for the sake of personal vendetta.

If media will not play its role in a proper way the whole country will suffer.Because media’s role is to highlight the issues and get solutions for those issues.
If media will not play its role in a proper way then problems will get even worse.If media keeps on projecting the Country and ignores the real issues then those issues will become impossible to solve because when the nation would know it’s issues it would be too late for them to solve it and in the end they will suffer from those issues.

Below are Some Pictures Of Rogue Journalists and Anchors and Some Images Representing Anger Of The Pakistani Nation Against These Corrupt Channels and Newspapers...

Negative Role Of Media In Pakistan

Negative Role Of Media In Pakistan

Negative Role Of Media In Pakistan

Negative Role Of Media In Pakistan

Negative Role Of Media In Pakistan

Negative Role Of Media In Pakistan

Negative Role Of Media In Pakistan

Negative Role Of Media In Pakistan

Negative Role Of Media In Pakistan

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Indian RAW Creating Trouble In Pakistan

Since the creation of Pakistan in 1947, it has survived for its existence. Since 1947 many national and international enemies have been trying to destroy Pakistan using any means they have and any means necessary. One of these many enemies and most dangerous one is our neighboring country India or ( Hindustan ). Since 14th august 1947, India has used all its resources to destabilize Pakistan and destroy the peace of this country. Everybody knows what was the cost of freedom Muslims of Pakistan paid. We don’t need to mention that here, everybody knows that  Hindus burned Muslims alive in trains coming to Pakistan, some provinces having majority of Muslims like Kashmir and Juna Garh were raided by Indians and occupied using force, arms and ammunition and money was not divided equally. All the people in Pakistan know this.

Picture Proof Of Indian Involvement In Pakistan
But today we are going to tell you what India is doing in 2014 to destroy Pakistan. We all know that Americans have invaded Afghanistan to stop so called “Terrorism” in the world but their real target is Pakistan and nuclear arsenal of Pakistan. India is using Afghanistan to support and spread terrorism in Pakistan. india wants to destroy Pakistan at all costs. india has not accepted Pakistan since the day of its creation and have always tried to destroy us.
Indian agents in the disguise of Pashtoons and Pathans have infiltrated Pakistan and are working to spread fear and chaos in Tribal areas of Pakistan.

The notion of foreign support for Baloch insurgents rests on a slippery slope. If a country accuses others of aiding separatism (India’s position on Pakistani support for Kashmiri separatists, or Pakistan’s allegation of Indian backing for the Pakistani Taliban or Baloch separatists), how can it prove them? Does an intelligence outfit leave its footprint? Do intelligence agencies use their own currency, weapons and gadgetry?

In case of Kashmir, the Indian government often points, and legitimately so, towards the presence of groups such as Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad and Harkatul Mujahideen, which it says still use Pakistani soil for “terrorism” in Kashmir, in contravention of the January 6, 2004 commitment Pakistan gave to Atal Behari Vajpayee in Islamabad. It also says the infiltration via the Line of Control would not be possible without the consent of Pakistani security forces.

Buying silence of Kashmiri leaders in Indian held Kashmir and phone tapping inside India were also part of the sensitive report.The ex-army chief reveals this in an inquiry report prepared by India’s DG military operations shining light on activities of an army unit raised after the Mumbai attacks.

VK Singh last month announced a political alliance with BJP leader Narendra Modi who was responsible for the massacre of the Muslims in Indian Gujarat.A portion of the explosive report indicting the former army chief of terrorist activities inside Pakistan was downplayed by the Indian media that largely used ‘neighboring country’ as a reference and instead highlighted its parts relating to his activities of phone-tapping inside India and buying silence of politicians in Indian-held Kashmir through loads of cash.

The dirty tricks sanctioned by the top Indian general were carried out by Tactical Support Division (TSD), an Indian army unit raised after Mumbai attacks on the directives of the Defence Minister and National Security Adviser Shev Shankar Menon in order to “perform a particular task to secure borders and internal situation in the country.”

Below You Will See Some Of The Picture Proof Indian Activities ...

Picture Proof Of Indian Involvement In Pakistan

Picture Proof Of Indian Involvement In Pakistan

Picture Proof Of Indian Involvement In Pakistan

Picture Proof Of Indian Involvement In Pakistan

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Pakistan Navy JF-17 Fighter Jets

Pakistan Navy Is Going To Buy New JF-17 Air Crafts. Pakistan Navy Needs These Planes To Secure Its Borders In Arabian Sea And To Maintain Security Of Pakistan.

JF-17 Thunder Air Craft Of Pakistan Air Force

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pakistan Air Force 1947 To 1950 Age Of Glory

The Royal Pakistan Air Force (RPAF) was established on 14 August 1947 with the independence of Pakistan from British raj. The Royal Pakistan Air Force RPAF began with 2,332 personnel, a fleet of 24 Tempest II fighter-bombers, 16 Hawker Typhoon fighters, two H.P.57 Halifax bombers, 2 Austeraircraft, twelve North American Harvard trainers and ten de Havilland Tiger Moth biplanes. It also got eight C-47 Dakota cargo planes which it used to transport supplies to soldiers fighting in the 1947 War in Kashmir against India. However, it never received all the planes it was allotted at the time of independence of South Asia. It started with 7 operational airbases scattered all over the provinces.
JF-17 Pakistan Air Force
JF-17 Pakistan Air Force
Operating these inherited aircraft was far from ideal in Pakistan's diverse terrains, deserts and mountains; frequent attrition and injuries did not make the situation any better. However, by 1948 the air force acquired better aircraft such as the Hawker Sea Fury fighter-bomber and the Bristol Freighter. These new aircraft gave a much-needed boost to the morale and combat capability of the Royal Pakistan Air Force; 93 Hawker Fury and roughly 50-70 Bristol Freighter aircraft were inducted into the RPAF by 1950.
Although the Royal Pakistan Air Force had little funds to use and markets to choose from, it entered the jet age quite early.
Pakistan Air Force 1947 To 1950
Pakistan Air Force 1947 To 1950

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Nuclear Weapons Program Of Pakistan Introuction

Nuclear Weapons Program Of Pakistan
Nuclear Weapons Program Of Pakistan
Pakistan began focusing on nuclear weapons development in January 1972 under the leadership of Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, who delegated the program to the Chairman of PAEC Munir Ahmad Khan. In 1976, Abdul Qadeer Khan also joined the nuclear weapons program, and, with Zahid Ali Akbar, headed the Kahuta Project, while the rest of the program being run in PAEC and comprising over twenty laboratories and projects was headed by nuclear engineer, Munir Ahmad Khan. This program would reach fruition under President General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq, then-Chief of Army Staff. Pakistan's nuclear weapons development was in response to neighboring India's development of its nuclear programme. Bhutto called a meeting of senior scientists and engineers on 20 January 1972, in Multan, which came to known as "Multan meeting". Bhutto was the main architect of this programme and it was here that Bhutto orchestrated nuclear weapons programme and rallied Pakistan's academic scientists to build the atomic bomb for national survival. At the Multan meeting, Bhutto also appointed Munir Ahmad Khan as chairman of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC), who, until then, had been working as Director at the nuclear power and Reactor Division of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), in Vienna, Austria. In December 1972, Abdus Salam led the establishment of Theoretical Physics Group (TPG) as he called scientists working at ICTP to report to Munir Ahmad Khan. This marked the beginning of Pakistan's pursuit of nuclear deterrence capability. Following India's surprise nuclear test, codenamed Smiling Buddha in 1974, the first confirmed nuclear test by a nation outside the permanent five members of the United Nations Security Council, the goal to develop nuclear weapons received considerable impetus.

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Umar Hayat Library In Chiniot Pakistan

Front Door Of Umar Hayat Library Chiniot Pakistan
Front Door Of Umar Hayat Library Chiniot Pakistan
Omar Hayat Mahal Library (also spelled as Umer Hayat Mahal Library or known as Gulzar Manzil ) is a 19th-century wooden architectural wonder of Chiniot, Pakistan. Omar Hayat Palace is a five story building which stands in the heart of the city. Two upper stories were removed in 1993 due to heavy rainfall and storms which may have affected the adjoining buildings. It is a great tourist attraction for both local and foreign visitors.
History :-
Members of the Shaikh family migrated from Calcutta to Chiniot around the 18th or 19th century. Sheikh Omar Hayat who was a successful trader born in a rich family. He decided to construct a magnificent palace for his newborn son in 1923. Syed Hassan Shah was assigned the task of palace's construction. He gathered many famous artisans from different places who continued working day and night for 10 ten years. Rahim Bakhsh Pirjha and Elahi Bakhsh Pirjha who were masters in manabat kari did wood carving. The house built by Sheikh Omar Hayat is a sort of local wonder, as it's cost was Rs 400,000(according to Govt. of Pakistan's History Records) to make and rises high above all other buildings of area. The construction of the palace completed in 1935 and Mr Hayat expired in same year just a couple of months before its completion. History claims that Mr Hayat's only son Gulzar Muhammad's marriage in 1938 brought an ironic twist of fate in the shape of death. He (Gulzar) was found dead in the palace the very next day of his marriage. The news of son’s death lofted loads of grief on mother who died remembering him. Both the mother and the son were buried in the courtyard of the ground floor of the palace.
Mr Hayat's relatives left the palace thinking it as a subject to bad luck for sheikh family, while servants continued living for a couple of years and then parted from it. An orphanage was established by some religious leaders and then it was evacuated when its top story collapsed. Next came the Qabza groups who got shops and houses constructed on the piece of land lying next to it.
Architecture Of The Palace :-
Architectural Details Of Umar Hayat Library
Architectural Details Of Umar Hayat Library
The palace's building is perhaps the last of Mughal’s architectural style, or a Mughal Revival building ("revival" buildings are interpretations of an old architectural style by people of a later era). Unique carving cuts on the doors, windows and jhirokas reflect a colour of their own. The roofs, balconies, stairways, terrace and the stucco designs make a perfect interior. The facade of the building is decorated with a fine inlay of bricks, the dazzling shine of marble and picturesque shades help it rank among the great palaces of Mughal era landlords.
Recent Years :-
In Year 1997 the municipal committee refused to bear the expenses of the latest achievements and terminated the subscription of newspapers and other reading material. It was later handed over to auqaf department in year 1998 which also failed to improve its condition. The situation is getting worse by day. The library has been closed while the reading room is standing without its assets. It was only in 1989 when the building was last looked worth renovation. At present the palace is very much out of sorts. Its walls have developed cracks rainy water pours in. The woodwork has lost colour.

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COAS Pakistan Army Arrived At ISI Headquarters

Rawalpindi - April 22, 2014
General Raheel Sharif, Chief of Army Staff visited Directorate General Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) today. On arrival at Headquarters, Lieutenant General Zahir ul Islam, DG ISI received COAS. He was given detailed briefing on internal and external security situation of the country. COAS appreciated the role of ISI towards national security and lauded the contributions and sacrifices of its officers and men towards strengthening the defence of the motherland.
ISI Headquarters
ISI Headquarters

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Inter Services Intelligence Blog Launched

Team Of Pak Sar Zameen Blog Is Pleased To Announce That We Have Launched A Seperate Blog For Honoring Our Silent Soldiers Of Our Intelligence Agencies, Specially ISI ( Inter Services Intelligence ). Please Join That Blog Too And Read Stories Of Our Intelligence Agencies...
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