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Pakistan Army SSG Stands Among Top 10 Special Forces Of The World

Special forces, or special operations forces are military units trained to perform unconventional missions. Special forces, as they would now be recognized, emerged in the early 20th century, with a significant growth in the field during the Second World War.

Depending on the country, special forces may perform some of the following specializations: airborne operations, counter-insurgency, "counter-terrorism" , covert ops, direct action, hostage rescue, high-value targets/man hunting, intelligence operations, mobility operations, and unconventional warfare.

Capabilities :-

Special forces capabilities include the following :-

Reconnaissance and surveillance in hostile environments
Training and development of other states' military and security forces
Offensive action
counter espionage
Support to counter-insurgency through population engagement and support
Counter-terrorism operations
Sabotage and demolition
Hostage rescue

Special Forces Of Pakistan And Pakistan Army :-

Pakistan’s SSG known as the ‘Black Storks’ worldwide, is a division sized group headed by a Major-General and divided into ten battalions, the actual strength of which is classified. The special operations forces of Pakistan are known as Special Services Group (SSG). It comprises the SSG of Pakistan Army, Special Services Group Navy (SSGN) of Pakistan Navy and Special Services Wing (SSW) of Pakistan Air Force. SSG's primary and special missions are asymmetric warfare, special operations, counter-proliferation, unconventional warfare, foreign internal defense, special reconnaissance, direct action, hostage rescue, counter terrorism, and personnel recovery. SSG has a large history of special operations during Indo-Pakisatani wars, counterinsurgency in Pakistan's tribal belt, as well as number of hostage rescue missions. The Navy's SSGN was used in the PNS Mehran attack. SSG holds joint exercises regularly with other special forces of the world. SSG of Pak Army also provides security to the Royal Family of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Special Services Group Among Top 10 Special Forces Of The World :-

Recently a journal published by armed forces museum analysed and developed a list of top 10 special forces in the world depending on their capabilities, operational history, success rate and various other military and economical factors. This List Includes the Top 10 special forces in the world. Pakistan Army's Special Operations Force SSG Or Special Services Group is ranked ninth 9th in this list. It is an honor for our country and our special forces. Our Arch enemy India also has many types of special forces but any of their special forces were not included in this list. Surely Pakistani Nation will be proud of their brave sons who face the horrible phenomenons of nature and endanger their lives in the line of duty and in the line of fire, just to save their motherland Pakistan.
Here is the list which represents the top 10 special forces of the world.

No. Country Name Of Special Force
10. Russia Russian Spetsnaz
9. Pakistan Special Service Group (SSG)
8. Austria EKO Cobra
7. France French Army Special Forces Brigade
6. Poland GROM
5. Germany GSG9
4. Israel Shayetet 13
3. United States Of America Delta Force
2. United States Of America SEAL Team 6 DEVGRU
1. United Kingdom SAS

Insignia Of Special Services Group Pakistan Army
Insignia Of Special Services Group Pakistan Army

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